About Us

The love for fragrances was always a part of our founders vision ever since he was a young boy, always wanting to smell good and asking for his father to spray his cologne on him as he gets ready in the mornings for school so he could have his friends at school compliment him on how good he smells.

The continued love for fragrances grew even more as he got older and looked deeper into the chemistry and history that followed behind it, intrigued with how much of an impact just from smelling good has on the world, for example when you walk into a room, when you're on a first date, when you're in a meeting, when you're attending an event, and so many more scenarios where cologne/perfume will introduce your presence in the room before you do.

This is what lead to the birth of Perfumes by JJ, an online fragrance store supplying some of the most Luxurious Fragrances to our customers, helping everyone find that unique smell that can change the conversation in any room they walk in.

Our owner takes pride and puts so much passion behind educating and making sure all of our customers leave an everlasting impression every where they go, with all our fragrances being 100% authentic, we stand firm behind every bottle that leaves our warehouse, and we appreciate everyone for their support.